Coffs Solar Servicing offers a professional solar repair service with a fast turnaround and at a fair rate.  Some of our most common solar repair service type work:

Inverter Swap

The most common solar repair service undertaken is the replacement of faulty inverters.  The easiest way to check if you solar inverter is working to make sure that you see a green light on the display.  If you see a red light then a fault is present.  If there is no light showing and no information being displayed on the LCD screen then the inverter is dead.  We offer low-cost solar inverter swap overs and free installation if you buy the solar inverter from us.

DC and AC Isolator Repair

We come across a lot of faulty isolators with the main fault being water ingress.  A lot of solar companies were buying cheap Chinese isolators that were not a true IP 65 rated isolator.  If you notice that your solar inverter switches off during the day when it has been raining then there is a high chance that water may be interfering with the electrics in the isolator causing the system to trip.

Solar Panel Connectors

Most solar panels are connected or joined together using a pair of male and female MC4 connectors.  A common fault is having these connectors exposed to the elements meaning that UV exposure makes the connector brittle and they can often break.  Another fault is water getting into the enclosure which can cause an earth fault which trips the solar system.  MC4 connectors should always be firmly secured underneath the solar panel and not exposed to the elements.  If you have an error message on your solar inverter that shows an earth fault then its highly probable that this is the cause.

Coffs Solar Servicing offers a fantastic value low cost solar system repairs at a price from $120, inclusive of 1 hour service work onsite and our call out fee of $40. We find one hour is generally well and enough time to resolve most solar system repairs our customers have required.

If you require more than 1 hour, our electrician will advise you prior to the work being completed so you can decide how to proceed.

Solar System Repairs –

If you are further afield than approximately 40km from central Coffs Harbour, please let us know at your time of enquiry.

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